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Creativity & Community for Business 


Arts-based activities level the playing field and give your staff an opportunity to see themselves and each other through a new lens. Participants are encouraged to take risks in pursuit of aesthetic outcomes while being challenged to do things they may never have done before. 



Create Community in the Workplace  Open up to new possibilities

Increase risk tolerance  Exercise imagination

Laugh a lot!

Get Into the Flow!

Acrylic Pour Painting

Acrylic pouring is an adventure in trusting the process, challenging those who have control or perfection issues to "Just Do It." Experience INSTANT GRATIFICATION. The abstract paintings generated are sure to make everyone feel like an artist. (The one shown here was done by a first-time pourer.) 


Clay Play

Experience open-ended creativity in a relaxing, stress-busting activity using modeling clay. Participants will create “building blocks” using the clay and a variety of tools, then combine/arrange the pieces to form a 3-D sculptural installation—all without verbal communication. After the making, unpack the experience through a facilitated discussion.

Group installation with modeling clay


Sound & Synergy

Experience Rhythm Circles, Soundscapes, Human Machines and more, using a variety of simple percussion instruments, movement and voice. This is great way to let your hair down, blow off some steam and re-energize. You may also learn a few things about listening, how to use your voice strategically, and how to create an aesthetic outcome, all while having a few good laughs!

Djembes and other low skill percussion play teaches listening skills

A la Carte


Do you have a workplace issue you’d like a fresh take on? I can customize a creative intervention to spark new ideas and insight.

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Discuss Your Event: 

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Community Doodling

Perfect for a happy hour social event, capturing essential ideas during a meeting, relationship-building with customers, sales convention or…? I will customize a table-sized “string” (a piece of line art or an outlined logo) and get you started doodling it in with colored markers. Doodlers can rotate in and out at will. When it’s all filled in, I'll finalize the resulting piece of art for display.

Detail from a 6' x 30" group doodle banner

Drawing Upon Each Other: Self Caricatures

Get ready to laugh a lot as your team members step up to the challenge of “continuous line blind contour drawing”. Participants will draw each other, then continue to detail the line drawing made of themselves. A great way to look at how you take on what you have been handed in life and in the workplace, and much more! You’ll have a gallery of framable art to commemorate the event.

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