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Expressive Arts Therapy


Help for

•  Compassion Fatigue / Burnout

•  Trauma / Stress / PTSD

•  Depression / Anxiety

•  Chronic Pain / Illness

•  Addiction / Substance Abuse

•  Bereavement / Loss

•  Body Image / Eating Disorders

•  Relationships / Self-Esteem


Expressive Arts Therapy involves the use of visual arts, sound/music, dance/movement, poetry/prose and/or drama to explore and express emotions and experiences that contribute to distress and disease. By giving a physical form—the artwork—to the problem, we can address it in the present, and neutralize its effect. Although we are working with issues resulting from past events, Expressive Arts Therapy is solutions-focused, fostering resources for wellness and resilience in the present and future. 


Private expressive arts therapy sessions are either 60 or 90 minutes, giving us time to discuss the issue, explore it through art-making, and reflect on how the experience informs your daily life.


You don't have to be "artistic" to benefit. The process is more important than the product. I will help you use the media, tools and your own intuition as you engage in "art-play". For those who are comfortable working with arts media and modalities, I'lll witness and support your process and help you reflect on it.


Images can be very powerful and sometimes they evoke difficult feelings. Most of the time clients find our sessions relaxing and insightful, leaving their strong emotions within the artwork.

Client with Painted Hands
Journal Cover Collage
Client self-portrait


I strive to make therapy affordable for everyone. All services are private pay and sliding scale fees are available for those in need. Schedule a FREE Consultation here:

I struggle with PTSD and...working with Deb has allowed me to reach a place where I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been in my life. The way she uses creation and art to open my mind and heart has been nothing short of miraculous.  —Kristina Treadway, Louisville, KY

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