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Authentically You: 

90 days to remove the mask you wear, find your voice and discover the real you, so you can start showing up as the Change Agent you were meant to be.

Do you put on a mask in certain situations

to fit in with those who might judge you?


Do you hold your tongue when you really want to speak out?


Are you living the life you were meant to live?

Are you passionate about creating change in the world, 

but fearful of rocking the boat that’s keeping you afloat?


Would you like to free up your time and energy for

activities that are really meaningful to you?


Do you want to start embracing and expressing the real you,

so you can get on with your mission in life?


Are you ready to feel the joy and fulfillment of an authentic,

soul-centered, values-driven life?

I’ve been there—stuck on a career path that was incongruent with my values and burning me out. I’d somehow gotten off track and I felt I’d lost myself. I found my way back by doing what I loved as a child—dancing, making art, making music, writing—and I felt like I recovered my soul. For the first time in a long while, I felt authentic, energized, and my life took a big turn. I decided to use what I’d learned about the power of expressive arts to help others get into alignment with their values, passion and soul-centered purpose. There’s a big world out there that needs us ladies. That’s why I developed Authentically You:

In Phase I you will take a good look at your values and discover where you may be out of alignment. You’ll create a visual journal describing with words and images who you are today and how you imagine yourself evolving:


You will

  • Define your values so you can streamline decision-making

  • Remember what you’re passionate about so you can feel that excitement again

  • Envision your purpose / mission in this world and feel that clarity

  • Identify what is holding you back from your authentic, purpose-driven life so we can work on eliminating those barriers


In Phase II we will use sand tray, mask-making, sound and movement to acknowledge and release the Safe You that has been holding the Authentic You at bay. You will continue to work in your visual journal as you reflect upon the ways the Safe You has served you. You will also identify resources you have, and/or need, to help you move forward authentically.


You will

  • Create and embody the mask you have been hiding behind so you can really feel the difference when you remove it

  • Release the Safe You from duty so you can move on as the Authentic You

  • Feel lighter, freer, energized for action

  • Identify resources for becoming the Authentic You so you have the support you need moving forward

In Phase III you will begin expressing the Authentic You. You will use a variety of visual media to create an expressive portrait of the Authentic You, embody her through voice and movement, and create an action plan for aligning your life authentically.


You will

  • Develop your unique personal brand expressing the values and attributes of the Authentic You so you can clearly communicate to others who you are

  • Create a mixed media self-portrait the Authentic You so you have a visual imprint of your authenticity, strength and beauty

  • Embody the Authentic You through voice and movement so you have an auditory and kinesthetic imprint of your authentic self

  • Create an action plan for aligning your life with the Authentic You so you can make the changes you need to move forward with your mission

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

The Summer Day, Mary Oliver

Let’s answer that question over the next 90 days.

Authentically You includes (12) weekly, 90-minute, private studio sessions and art supplies.


This program is for you if you if you want to

  • Free up your energy for what is most meaningful to you

  • Feel the joy and fulfillment of a purpose-driven life

  • BE the change you want to see in the world

  • Feel authentically expressed and empowered being YOU

The world is waiting for the Authentic You to show up.

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