Tune-up Your Brain for Change in 2017

Here is a five-step process that will get you moving, engage both sides of your brain and spark your imagination. You might have to stretch a bit beyond an adult coloring book, but you don't need any artistic talent to glean some valuable insight that just might offer up some new possibilities...

1) Keep a sticky note pad (3" square or similar) and a pen by your bed. Before you snuggle in for the night, create a single-line scribble on a single note, starting at the left edge and ending at the right edge. Do not lift the pen off the paper while making your mark. Write the date in the upper left-hand corner. Do this every day for a week. (See photo below.)

2) At the end of the week, arrange the marks sequentially, left to right so that the ends meet and form one continuous line. Imagine the line enlarged on the floor and walk along that imaginary path. You don't have to get it perfect—just do the best you can to interpret the line with your physical movement. (+Extra Credit+) You might try using your whole body to translate the line—arms, hands, torso, head, facial expression—and make sounds if you are inspired to do so.

3) Experiment with time and space. Try "dancing" the line in slow motion, then try it faster than normal. Make the path of your dance as small as you can, then make it as large as you can. Find the "just right" size and speed for you. Notice what images and/or feelings come to mind as you dance the line. Write down whatever comes to mind, i.e.: a raging bull, a playful puppy, a racing ostrich, a snake in the water, a spinning top, confusion, determination, gliding, out of control, flying, etc.

4) Do this process with a friend, partner or a work team. You can witness each others' dances and scribe for each other as images and feelings come to mind. (Don't mind the laughter—it's all good!) Try dancing each other's weeks and try dancing your weeks simultaneously. What do you notice?

5) Give your dance a descriptive title based on your movement experience, i.e.: "The Spinning Top that Sailed Away," "Riding the Waves", or "Climbing Out of a Dark Hole Into the Sunlight." (Use your images in the title.)

Optional (++Extra-Extra Credit++): If you are so inclined, make little sketches of the images that come to mind. Write the story of your dance. Turn your composite dance line into a landscape using the visual media of your choice. Keep a journal of your sticky notes, reflections, images and stories, and share them in the comments section, below. Repeat the entire process weekly for a month, and see if you notice any trends, changes or new inspirations.

I'd love to hear about your findings!

Deb Ogburn (aka "Debo") is an Arts-Informed Life Coach based in Louisville, KY, and Founding Muse at A Time for Art.

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