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Why Hire Me as Your Life Coach?

​Would you like support in aligning with your values, accepting your Call to Adventure and expressing the Authentic You?

Would you like to banish doubt, fears and anxiety and get on with your true passion and life purpose?

Do you have a burning desire to create positive change in your community, workplace and/or the world?

Have you put your creative expression in a box and shelved it for "someday when..."?

Has the time finally come when you are free to pursue your creative endeavor, but you find yourself feeling like it's too late or, you don't know how to begin?

Are you feeling stuck, blocked or burned-out in your life, career, and/or creative practice?

If you said YES to any of the above...


I'm Deb Ogburn, REAT, Expressive Life Coach and Registered Expressive Arts Therapist. I specialize in helping adults recover their ability to embrace new possibilities and shape their lives in harmony with their highest calling and purpose.


Creative play is the medium we use to break through depression, anxiety and self doubt and to restore your connection to Self and Soul. And I did say creative PLAY—no judgement, no experience needed.


You deserve to live your most authentic, juicy and fulfilling life, so if you’re not there yet, book a FREE consultation with me. I’m available by phone, Zoom or face-to-face in my studio. Let’s see if we’re a good fit and go from there!


I can help you

  • Identify and align with your values

  • Overcome past traumas and blocks to success

  • Release perfectionism and procrastination 

  • Develop creative confidence

  • Focus on what is meaningful to you

  • Be authentic, soul-centered and fully expressed in the world

  • Feel energized and passionate about your life, work and/or creative endeavors

  • Attract like-minded others who will support you and co-create with you

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